On Saturday, July 21st from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm, A Better Jamaica ( and The Jamaica Arts Council ( will present -- alongside the free Saint Albans Jazz Festival -- The Saint Albans Craft Walk.


With just 5 to 10 booths planned, the select group of artisans participating in the The Saint Albans Craft Walk 2018 will range from painters to ceramicists to jewelry makers.


We are once again deliberately holding The Saint Albans Craft Walk alongside the St. Albans Jazz Festival because we think that there will be significant overlap between the audiences of these two events.


We're scheduling The Craft Walk to begin a half before the start of the jazz festival because we'd like to give those arriving at the jazz festival early something constructive to do while they wait for the music to begin. The something to do will be purchasing the products of artisans participating in The Saint Albans Craft Walk.

If you are a noted creator of handmade artistry, then we'd love for you to join as Saint Albans Craft Walk artisan.


Like last year, we'll charge $150 for a 10x10 booth, a six foot table, and a couple of chairs.


We'll get The Saint Albans Craft Walk word out through a variety of means including: social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter); e-mail (we have a local mailing list of over 1,000 subscribers); and possibly a newspaper ad or two.


If you’d like to join us as an participating artisan, then please review the frequently asked questions below before proceeding to the artisan registration page via the link at the bottom of this page..



Is there a rain date for the Saint Albans Craft Walk?


The Saint Albans Craft Walk will be presented rain or shine. At the price we are charging artisans to participate, we cannot afford to rent the pop-up booths for a second day.


Will artisans be reimbursed if it rains all day?



Are food artisans invited to participate in The Saint Albans Craft Walk?

No. Our agreement with the St. Albans Jazz Festival forbids us from selling food. Food will, however, be available for sale in the park.

Can two artisans share a booth?


Absolutely, but only one of the artisan’s work will appear in the artisan guide that we’ll distribute at the event. A maximum of two artisans can share a booth.


What if I need electricity, will it be provided?


Management of The Saint Albans Craft Walk will not provide electricity. You can, however, bring your own.

If I need help loading in or out, will there be someone there to help me?

Several volunteers will be available to help artisans who need help loading in or out.


Why is there a fee for artisans to participate in the Saint Albans Craft Walk?


There is a fee because we need to pay for the pop up tents, tables, and chairs. The artisan fee also is put toward marketing and insurance costs.


If I have a pop-up tent, tables and chairs, can I participate for free?


No, in the interest of safety, we are using a professional staging company to provide the tents, tables and chairs so that our insurance company can rest assured that we’ve worked to minimize injuries.


How will The Saint Albans Craft Walk be marketed?


We’ll use a combination of social media and e-mail blasts to market The Saint Albans Craft Walk.







What will be needed from individual artisans to help promote their work and The Saint Albans Craft Walk?


Ideally, you’ll send us a flattering -- in focus -- photograph of yourself and three high-res images of work that is representative of the work that you will likely have available for sale at The Craft Walk.